Monday, July 11, 2011

Talent Promotion Replacing Talent Acquisition

A new discipline has overtaken what was recently deemed talent acquisition which used to be recruiting if you're old school. Taking it's place, Talent Promotion, encompasses talent outreach, attraction, employer branding; as well as education, assessment, career growth and talent allocation.

Hyper growth organizations must be as mindful of nurturing the talent they have, as they are about quickly filling the roles required to maintain growth. Loyal and high performing employees are the crucial component from which all company success derives.

The two sides of the Talent Promotion coin look like this:

Promoting the company and business success to the community, industry, targeted talent pool and Universities.

Promoting people up the ranks. 
Promoting the company's Big Goal and Culture
Promoting continued education, assessment, social events, equity plans and overall talent engagement.

One side without the other will not sustain the company's ability to maintain hyper growth.

Whatever terms we use to describe our function (and we've tried a few); recruiting, retention, training, talent development, human resources, human capital management, personnel, or talent acquisition, the names don't mean a thing unless measured on QoH.

You can squeeze down cost per hire, increase offer acceptances or shorten time to fill, but if the Quality of Hire decreases or is not improved, you need to reexamine your efforts.

Talent Promotion focuses on the metric that matters; QoH, with objectives designed to find, nurture, grow and engage the people at your company to build a cohesive, committed, skilled, growth oriented organization.

Also, double meanings are cool and the idea of promoting people and promoting the company resonates.

What about you? Has your company come up with a new name for the same old thing or has the new moniker helped your department focus, driving you towards your QoH targets?


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